How to Read a Sewing Pattern

Sewing patterns can be really intimidating. Liesl Gibson wants to demystify sewing patterns for you today and show you what all those different components mean, explain to you the symbols and help you to feel more confident selecting a pattern and sitting down to actually sew from it.

Liesl previously formerly worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and now designs sewing patterns for her company, Oliver + S, as well as the Lisette line of patterns that is carried at Jo-Ann stores nationwide.Read More »How to Read a Sewing Pattern

How To Thread A Janome Sewing Machine

How to thread a Janome sewing machine: What’s your Janome model? A 8002d serger, 7034d serger, xl601, 525s, jw 8100, hd 3000, dc 5100, dc 1018, jw 76390, hd 1000, pro 4dx, re1306…. ? Anyway, to the guide..

The first thing that you need to do before you start the threading process is that you first have to go to the hand wheel and click your hand wheel in to the left. After you click the hand wheel to the left go ahead and turn the hand wheel towards you ensuring that the needle is in its highest position.

Once the needle is in its highest position make sure that your presser foot is lifted up so that it shouldn’t be touching your throat plate at all. This releases the tension disks inside your sewing machine that will hold your thread after we have threaded the machine.Read More »How To Thread A Janome Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to look at how to thread a singer sewing machine. The process is not complicated and once you get the hang of it, it will become quite easy.

The first thing that we need to do is wind the bobbin. To wind a bobbin, you will first need to remove the removable storage compartment box

After removing it, lower the hinge door to reveal the bobbin holder. To remove the bobbin case simply lift out and pull out the bobbin case.

Your machine is designed to use at class 15 transparent bobbin so when you buy them online or down at your store make sure that you get a class 15 transparent bobbin because it’s going to work the best in your machine.Read More »How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine