9 Free Legging Patterns For DIY Projects

Below is my compilation of free legging patterns from around the web posted by bloggers. Under each picture there is a link to the page of the blogger where you can get more information and download the pattern.

Enjoy as you review them

1. How to Sew Leggings

free legging patterns
Source: https://mellysews.com/

2. How to Make Children’s Leggings

Source: https://www.arosetintedworld.co.uk/

3. How to Sew Baby Leggings

Source: http://gina-michele.com

4. Legging Pattern Free

Source: https://www.cupeli.com/

5. Legging Pattern Free

Source: https://www.johnlewis.com/

6. Little Lady DIY Leggings

Source: http://www.tangibleartiste.com/

7. How To Sew Tie Leggings

Source: https://mellysews.com/

8. How To Draft A Legging Pattern

Source: https://www.cucicucicoo.com/

9. Tulip Leggings

Source: https://www.mabeyshemadeit.com/