41 Funny Sewing Quotes To Lighten Up Your Day

Searching for sewing quotes? We’ve compiled a list of 41 funny quotes from around the internet. We hope they lighten up your day 🙂

  1. Too much fabric? I think the phrase you are looking for is too small sewing room
  2. My sewing space is my happy place
  3. Some days I amaze myself. Other days, I look for my scissors when i’m already holding them
  4. In life we all come with baggage..mine’s just full of fabric
  5. There are no mistakes in quilting only new patterns
  6. Its all fun and games until the bobbin runs out.
  7. Keep calm and sew on.
  8. M.P.D – Multiple project disorder
  9. When life gives you scraps, make a quilt
  10. To sew or not to sew? What a silly question
  11. I feel like I should clean the house so i’m going to my craft rooom to play until the feeling pases
  12. Any day spent sewing is a good day
  13. A lady never discusses the size of her fabric stash.
  14. Sewing is cheaper than therapy
  15. I know my fabric limits, I just don’t pay attention to them
  16. WARNING! This woman is a quilter. She actually enjoys chopping up perfectly good fabric into little teeny tiny pieces and then sewing them all right back together again FOR FUN
  17. May your tension always be well adjusted 
  18. Happiness is handmade
  19. When feeling low, its time to sew
  20. A creative mess is better than tidy idleness
  21. One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love
  22. Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint your garage.
  23. Sewing mends the soul.
  24. Behind every quilter is a big pile of fabric.
  25. I drive fast and barefoot.
  26. Sewing – Its not just a craft, its therapy
  27. Being creative is not a hobby, Its a way of life
  28. I have enough fabric – said no streamstress ever
  29. I’m working on my PhD – Projects Half Done
  30. A crafty life is a happy life
  31. A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine
  32. I’m not easily distracted…Hey, Look, Fabric
  33. I just want to create pretty things and ignore all my adult problems.
  34. Sewing fills my days. And my living room, dining room, bedroom, closets……
  35. My soul is fed with needle and thread
  36. It’s all fun and games until the bobbin runs out
  37. My craft room is not messy..I just have everything on display.
  38. You cant buy happiness but you can buy fabric and thats pretty close
  39. My machine is calling and i must sew
  40. In my dream world fabric is free and quilting makes you thin
  41. I like to party. and by party I mean stay home and sew.