How To Thread A Brother Sewing Machine

Hey guys this is Mizzy here from Izzy’s creations for today’s video I’m going to show you guys how to thread a brother brand sewing machine this here is a bobbin that will fit under your machine it is essential to have one of these and you have to make sure that if you buy replacements or any extras that this will fit your machine it’s very important and then

this here is just your average white thread nothing fancy now it’s up to you if you want your thread and your bobbin to be the same color they don’t necessarily have to be and you know you could use that to your advantage you use two different colors to kind of create a different design okay so before we get started with threading the machine it is very

important to make sure that your machine is in the off position or you could just simply unplug it you definitely don’t want it on because if you accidentally you know bumped the foot pedal you could easily put the needle straight through your finger so it has snap

Pleasant so you can tell us on because the light is here so we’re just going to flip the switch over the side and turn it off so the thread holder is over here as you can see it’s down you just simply pop it up and then you’re going to take your thread find the ending here it is and make sure that it’s running this way and you’re going to put it in the thread holder and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to

hold it firmly you’re going to wrap it under those little clip here you don’t going to wrap it under there and then pull it through here I know if you can see but it basically goes this way and down now this is just to thread the machine if you’re going to resew your bobbin that’s a whole different story so do not follow these steps for that so now that you have your thread you’re going to take it and pull it out a little

bit give yourself plenty of room you’re going to put it down in the slit here and then at the end here you’re going to make sure that it goes under there and you’re going to loop it back up here again pull it out as much as you need to to make sure you have room now I don’t know if you can see in the video but there is a little metal on kind of like a clip or claw however you want to

describe it in there so you want to make sure that it goes through there and comes back down so basically you want to leave your thread on this side as much as possible bring it up and then bring it back down when it’s under the claw there now if you don’t see your metal clip it’s probably because it’s not in the up position an easy way to fix that is to wiggle your knob over here and you will see it will come up and down make sure that it’s up as far as it can go and then you want to put your strength through it and then it comes back down now before you play with

the needle make sure that you can tug your thread and it actually spins and nothing feels tighter or any tension and then that’s how you know that you did it correctly now that you have your thread all through here you’re going to take the end piece I’m not sure how much is coming up in the video because it is white and so the machine images blend in many ways make sure that it’s not frayed at the end because then it just won’t go through and then you want to find the little hole in the needle here and you’re just going to run it through okay so

I have a threaded now what you want what you want to do is want to pull it so that there’s no loose thread here that’s very important and then you want to take your strand here and there’s a slit in this little metal clip you want to put it through that slit and make sure it doesn’t tangle here and then you don’t going to pull it behind you and just give it a tug so that the whole thing is very nice and tight then you want to make sure that you have a good

couple of inches back here because I’ll explain why in a minute but you’re definitely going to need all that space then you’re going to take your bobbin you’re going to make sure that the top strand the Strand that’s loose is on going this way in this direction you’re going to gently pop it in okay so now that your bobbin is in place take some extra thread and then you’ll see that there’s a little slit in the front here on their employment and instructions diagram

here in case you forget but yeah so definitely make sure it’s going this way and then put it in to put it into the slit here on the machine I apologize with my fingers are in the way okay so I have it latched in there pretty good and I’m just going to pull it again and same thing as before if if you feel any tension or tightness and you did it wrong but if they feel smooth then it’s correct and if you could see in the video here there’s a nice big split this way you’re going to

bring this string down and there you go and you’re just going to leave it there for now take your clip and put it back in place now that’s the thread up the top is threaded properly and the bobbin is in place your next step is to actually you want to take the string from the bobbin and pull it up under here to do so you’re going to have to use the needle now again you don’t want to

run the machine so you’re going to have to do this manually reach around to the big knob over here and you’re going to spin it down and pull it back up just once should do the trick now the key to doing this is you need to take this extra string here and gently tug it back now you can’t probably can’t see in the video but I do have the arm bobby thread peeking out so what I like to do is I’ll take like a pen or pencil or in this case

I have scissors handy I’m not going to cut it I’m just going to put the scissors like under that loop there and try to pull it out it’s different every time sometimes I I get a lot of bobbin that comes up sometimes it’s really little so okay and as you can see it now yes okay so now I have two strings back here and I’m going to gently pull them a little bit so I got

some more on pinches going on back there and as you can see when I’m pulling it the bobbin is turning with it so now that means that the bobbin and the top thread are correctly loaded now as long as everything is moving correctly and it’s not tight or tense your machine is ready to go