How To Thread A Janome Sewing Machine

How to thread a Janome sewing machine: What’s your Janome model? A 8002d serger, 7034d serger, xl601, 525s, jw 8100, hd 3000, dc 5100, dc 1018, jw 76390, hd 1000, pro 4dx, re1306…. ? Anyway, to the guide..

The first thing that you need to do before you start the threading process is that you first have to go to the hand wheel and click your hand wheel in to the left. After you click the hand wheel to the left go ahead and turn the hand wheel towards you ensuring that the needle is in its highest position.

Once the needle is in its highest position make sure that your presser foot is lifted up so that it shouldn’t be touching your throat plate at all. This releases the tension disks inside your sewing machine that will hold your thread after we have threaded the machine.

After that go up to your spool of thread…you will notice that the thread is coming off the back of the spool. Taking the thread with two hands, you will need to follow the numbers printed right on the sewing machine to thread it.

Following number one, go under the hook to around the bottom of the corner then turn and go up and push it into the thread uptake lever (if the thread uptake lever isn’t up, turn the hand wheel towards you – ie do a counterclockwise motion – to get the up take lever in its highest position).

After putting the thread through the uptake lever take the thread down into the hook that is above the sewing machine needle and

then you can take the end of your thread and thread it through the eye of the needle front to back once you have the thread through the eye of the needle you can pull it taut and then tuck it underneath the presser foot and push it towards the back of the machine

About Janome Sewing Machines: History

Janome has grown into a sewing company that spans the globe. In 1921, a Japanese entrepreneur named Mr Ose began the PINE sewing machine company. It was his country’s first sewing machine manufacturer at that time.

Most machines used an old fashioned shuttle but mr Ose had a better idea. His machines used an innovative round bobbin, a design that included spin and efficiency. This unique round bobbin reminded people of a snake’s eye and it earned the affectionate nickname “eye of the snake”. This when translated into Japanese is “JANOME”.

This innovation became so popular that the name JANOME became an official trademark and in 1949 the company name was changed to the JANOME SEWING MACHINE company. Over the next 25 years Janome grew to become a household name in Japan and in seeking to expand into the West, the company purchased NEW HOME in 1960.

Since then, the company has established divisions in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as agents in Africa, Central and Central America and throughout the Pacific rim of Asia. As it has grown, Janome has given the sewing industry many firsts:

1. The first research center for sewing machines in 1964
2. The first programmable computerized machine in 1979
3. The first professional style home embroidery machine in 1990
4. The first home embroidery machine to use technology used for high precision robotics.

Buying Janome Sewing Machines

Technological advancements in these times we live in have made the sewing machines, which were once considered high priced items, quite affordable for many sewing applications. In most cases, the major decision you will face now is what to choose from; a traditional or embroidery sewing machine & what perks you need out of it.

The more advanced sewing machines allows you to do your job faster and offer you a better lifespan. There are a number of companies that dominate the sewing machines market. These are; Singer, Brother and Janome.

Janome is a good quality brand, in competition with Singer and Brother sewing machines. All of these companies offer a wide product range starting from the entry to expert quality.

As with any sewing machine buying decision, the reliability, features & warranty are major concerns to consider. Deciding where to purchase your sewing machine is another issue that you have to consider as you look for the brand and model that interests you.

You have the option of buying from a local retail store. The advantage of this is that you enjoy the ease of returning the sewing machine should it be damaged at the start or within its warranty period. You can also save more money by visiting online stores such as, the biggest online marketplace in the world to shop for your Janome.

I’ve learnt that sewing machines have more moving parts than your average electric device. As you well know, the more moving parts a machine has, the higher the chances of problems developing over time.

Its said embroidery sewing machines are in most cases more expensive than normal sewing machines. A traditional Singer sewing machine goes for around $150. The embroidery singers range from $600 to over $3000.

My advice is that if you want to know the pros and cons of various Janome sewing machines models, head over to (click here) and read the reviews that buyers are posting there. This will help you make an informed decision based on the experience and research of others.