Adjustable Dress Form

$179.00 $150.00

Looking for a professional adjustable dress form (or mannequin) that can be used for sewing projects or for displaying clothes in your fashion store?

Check out our adjustable dress form. Its features are

  1. The height of the dress form is adjustable. Its expandable metal pole allows you to adjust the height of the dress form height to match your shoulder to floor length measurement
  2. 13 key adjustments buttons along the waist, bust, hips and neck/back to create a perfect fit for your project or display. This allows you to personalize the form to match your body measurements.
  3. Adjustable neck lets you customize the dress form to your specifications easily
  4. Comes with a center pole that is positioned for fitting and hanging of tops, blouses, skirts, coats etc
  5. Strong base with four legs that provides great stability


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