Sewing Room Ideas for Small Spaces

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1. Sewing Room Idea 1

Example of a mid-sized trendy built-in desk dark wood floor craft room design in Boston with yellow walls

2 Sewing Room Idea II

3 Sewing Room Idea III

4 Sewing Room Idea IV

Sewing Room Idea V

Sewing Room Idea VI

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Sewing Room Idea X

Notes: 15 Sewing Ideas to Save You Time & Money

I do remember very well the excitement of enrolling in my first sewing course. The first thing that I made for my daughter was a skirt and was quite pleased with myself every time she wore it. From that day on, I have made it a habit of taking note of hacks that help me save money and time which I would like to share with you:

1. Before you discard old or torn pants, cut off the belt loops and use them to sew on the inside of children’s coats and jackets for a coat loop. No more fallen coats at school. 🙂

2. When planning to sew buttons, ensure that you tape each one where it belongs with a strip of transparent tape. After stitching them, remove the tape.

3. When hemming delicate fabrics, one trick you can do to avoid pinholes is to mark the hemline with tailor’s chalk and use clips to hold the fold in place.

4. We all make errors in our sewing projects. To help stop errors in the future, write a memo into individual patterns that will explain any size alterations or changes for that item.

5. Minimize or stop fraying problems by reinforcing the hems with a row of zigzag stitches in a matching or contrasting color.

6. For pajamas and sweat suits, sew a large button on each end of the drawstring to stop the string from disappearing.

7. Take a spool of clear nylon thread. Since the nylon thread is is transparent, it easily picks up the fabric. This idea will work when a bobbin runs out and the spool is almost empty; just put the clear thread on your bobbin.

8. When using your sewing machine on uncarpeted surfaces, the machine tends to slide because of the smoothness of the floor and this can be irritating. To stop this, put a thin sheet of foam rubber under your sewing machine to stop this.

9. To ensure pins are not lost, have a magnet in your sewing tray/basket to attract them and you can also attach one to your sewing machine to hold extra needles. Another tip is to tie or glue a small magnet to the end of a stick and use it to attract pins that fall down

10. Its important to make sure your sewing machine is cleaned every so often. Use a mascara brush to clean those hard to reach crevices of your sewing machine.

11. Diminish the crease when letting down a garment hem by applying white vinegar to the wrong side of the fabric then steam press it.

12. Want to save money by using economical substitutes for custom-cut table pads? Then place quilted mattress covers over your table top and trim with scissors for a custom fit. You will then have a strong, heat-absorbent table pad to protect the finish of your table.

13. Threading a needle sometimes can be quite a challenge. You can substitute a needle threader by pushing the needle through a sheet of white paper which makes the eye of the needle easier to see.

14. When shopping for accessories for a recent sewing project, staple a small fabric sample to an index card and carry it with you to the stores.

15. Organize your loose buttons by stringing them on twist ties and twist the ends together. This is a creative idea of storing them.